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How Do I Started UrduShayari.Info 

An year ago I was searching flippa to buy a website. I came across a website which was up for sale. I opened it and check it's URL and price . Many bloggers were taking interest to buy this website. Website was related to Hindi Shayari. I opened up the link in the browser; it was beautiful image poetry website with very useful content.  While reading that poetry blog, as blogger an idea popped up in my mind. Asif you can start this kind of Website. Up to 3 days I analyzed that website through all the website tools (which I know). While analyzing to this website, I came to know that Website is built on Wordpress and using Generatpress Theme Which is an awesome Wordpress theme. The site was earning 300 dollars per month. I will disclose that website in last of this post and will tell you the strategies to start your own blog. Keep Reading. 

Then I made my mind that I will start blog like this but problem was that I don't know Hindi Language. So I decided to start an Urdu Shayari blog.  How to design poetry images, from where I can download images for free, which font is best? What are the best graphic designing tools? These all questions are still worrying me. But I was committed.

how I started poetry blog

I launched on a free blogging platform searched and downloaded a free blogger theme (sora viral from soratemplates). Uploaded on my blog and did basic Setting.  I checked different Hindi and Urdu Shayari websites to set keywords in title and description tags to make my blog SEO friendly. 

urdushayari blog best blog for 2 lines poetry

Next day I went to Godaddy to buy a Domain Name for my poetry blog.  I searched for “Urdu Shayari". As I was expected, all top level extensions (.com, .net and .org ) were taken.  Luckily .Info was available but whether I go for this extension are not, I was confused. I thought, I must go for another poetry related keyword and check domain availability. Before this, I did little search on .info extension and found that there are many websites that are running successfully on the internet using this extension. So I decided to buy UrduShayari.Info. Registered and filled up the Godaddy form and did payment, Well It cost me only 500 Pakistani rps for the first year.   I went to blogger and setup my new bought domain and simply redirect to For 1 month I continue to post on my blog. I posted some great poetry images posts like 2 lines urdu shayari, sad shayari, Love Shayari and Motivational shayari

Now my poetry site was ready to publish first post. I selected few Shayar to post. But I mentioned, I have zero experience of image editing or graphic designing.  I did little search on Google and watched YouTube tutorials. I found canva, a great online graphic designing tool. I downloaded few images from and tried to edit on canva . They were not allowing Urdu related fonts like jameel noori nastaleeq ) so It was a bad experience. Still I posted on my blog as I have no other option. Urdu Shayari was my first post.  On the other hand, I kept my search on Google for good photo editing tool. I found an awesome online photo editing tool and luckily it was allowing my own fonts. I added Jameel Noori Nastaleeq font on it and make poetry images with beautiful Urdu text for Shayari posts.  I also create shayri images on MS Paint. It is good tool to design simple shairi images and quotes. Remember there are many other online graphic tools which you can use (just search). I want to share pixlab, a great free app to design and edit any image. 

What is Google Webmaster Tools?

Google webmaster tool is great tool to analyze your website behavior in search engine. I also use this tool to analyze my website. Google started Indexing and crawling my pages and posts in search engine. 300 impressions were counting per day with very few clicks. Meanwhile I kept posting Urdu Shayari of different poets like Allama Iqbal, Ahmad Faraz , Parveen Shakir, Gulzar and Ghalib.

Now Almost 1 year is passed and my site is getting 50k impression for images and 17k impressions for web. .300 unique organic visitors and almost 1000 page views per day. Yes per day. More than 4 thousand keywords are in top searches of Google. Most of visitors are coming from Pakistan and India. Very few are from USA, Saudi Arab, Dubai, Uk and other countries.  all stats are incredible. Best thing is that stats are growing day by day. 

Google web master tools web stats for urdushayaridotinto

Web Stats for Last 28 Days.

web master tools image stats for urdushayariinfo

Image Stats For last 28 days ( look at the impressions )

My SEO Strategies: 

SEO is Stand for Search Engine Optimization. This is method through which you rank your website in search engines like Google, Bing etc. SEO has two main types one is called off page SEO and other is ON Page SEO. In off page SEO you link you website to other authority websites related to your niche and in on page you present your content in such way that search engine understand about your content and crawl it and rank it.

I have done zero off page SEO for my blog but focus on page SEO techniques. I put keywords in title, description, image alt and other required places quite nicely. Internal linking is another important factor of ON Page SEO, I frequently link my previous posts to new posts. Internal linking not only best for Users experience but it also plays crucial role in Search Engine Ranking.  50k impressions are the proof. 

Social Marketing

Sharing your publish content on social media is another important factor to rank your website in search engine and get traffic. I am lacking in this area too. I have only created Facebook page and share my publish post on fb/ No other social media profile for my website. I must focus on it.

Monetization of my blog

Now I am using Google AdSense for the monetization of my blog. Earning is low but I am Satisfied.  I have earned 10 dollars from Google AdSense in last two months. I have also sold a backlink to for 14 dollars. 

How You Can Start Poetry Blog: 

If you are interested to start a blog, you can, it is very easy. If you are beginner and want to learn blogging then Blogger is great platform, Go to create a blog with your topic keyword like (in my case) >> upload a theme, buy a domain name and setup on blogger (you can find hundreds of article on how to setup custom domain on

For creating content go to to download free stock images then go to, download your own font (like jameel noori nastaleeq in case your want to start Urdu poetry blog. If your want to start a Hindi shayari blog, download your relevant font.)  If you stuck anywhere and not understanding what to do, you can always search your query on Google or YouTube. If you understand blogging and have resources, we will recommend you to start a professional wordpress blog like 

Hindi Poetry Website That inspired me To Start UrduShayari.Info was that website that inspired me to start Urdu Shayari blog. This was the website that was up for sale on and later on sold for 8k Dollar approximately. The website was earning 300 dollar per month. Website is built with ( is different platform remember). It is using professional Wordpress theme Generatepress.  Do you want to start a blog like that is earning $300 per month???

How to start a WordPress blog for Poetry

 Unlike blogger, is professional way to start a blog and you have lot of customization options and other amazing features. For Wordpress site you have to host your content and website files your own. You need a web hosting provider. For this we recommend bluehost. Bluehost is most popular and trusted web hosting provider and provide an easy way to start your wordpress blog. My all competitors are using Wordpress for their poetry blogs (like, and and I myself desperately want to move my blog to self hosted 


Using these strategies you can not only not create poetry blog but also start a quotes blog. You can share quotes Images on Your blog. Think out of the box, possibilities are endless. . You can write information of anything on images and start posting. You can write facts of different countries on images and share it on your website. (I guess this is a cool idea).   

What I Know About Professional Blogging. 

If you are not interested to start a poetry or quote blog. You can start a professional blog. What I know about professional blogging. A professional blog involve three steps. 1. set up blog with WordPress, 2. Content strategy and third SEO services.

1. Setup WordPress Blog

Wordpress is the best and most popular content management system (CMS ). It allows you create a  professional blog with no coding or technical skills. The first thing you need to start is web hosting. First thing you will need is web hosting. There are many web hosting providers but I will recommend bluehost to  start your WordPress blog. Bluehost is the best and most popular web hosting provider.  It provides everything to kickstart you blog. Bluehost is powering over 2 millions websites and blogs. Go to Bluehost  and click on the Green button " Get Started". Choose the basic plan, Set up your domain name and follow this guide. 

bluehost web hosting provider for wordpress

2. Content Strategy: 

Write Down 30 to 35 articles for your baby blog. If your can write it is good. but I strongly recommend you to hire professional writers ( take services from fiverr, upwork and ).  Post your articles frequently on your blog like two posts in a week.  Once your articles publish take SEO services for your blog. 

3. SEO: 

Take SEO services for your blog. You can also learn SEO online from YouTube and from other online sources. 

In this way , you will get a strong foundation for your blog. You will start getting traffic from Search Engines (Google , Bing ). Once you start getting traffic, now you can put affiliate marketing links, Ads, or can use other monetization channels to earn money from your blog. Meanwhile keep learning blogging and take your blog to next level. cheers.

This is a simple guide and strategy to start a professional blog. You can find thousands of articles and videos on how to start WordPress blog on Bluehost.  

Important Link: 

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